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Good Grief Groups

Grief is simply the pain of living, and is therefore universal. We each live with grief. Whether from death, divorce, illness, abandonment, conflict, loss of dreams, feelings of loneliness or unworthiness, or witnessing harm to the earth and humanity, grief is a normal, human experience. Journey into your life's story, transform your relationship with grief, and thrive in the face of life's ongoing challenges.

The 8 week adult program is ongoing throughout the year. New groups will be in-person and will begin in the Fall of 2021. Due to COVID-19, space is limited to five participants per group. Sessions are for 2 hours every week for 8 weeks.

Investment: $500. Please call 541.223.9955 or email us at to register. Groups are held at our cottage: 33 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend, OR 97703, next to Hawthorne Healing Arts Center.


Family Grief Groups

Our program empowers teens and their parents (caregivers) to create a healthy relationship with the universal challenges of grief, allowing the family as a whole to both heal and thrive. Teens and caregivers journey through a 6 week Good Grief curriculum in separate but concurrent groups, each with their own facilitator. The Family Grief Program was created so that families are better able to support one another in creating a new sense of wellbeing, both within themselves and within the family. In doing so, together they have the tools of awareness to successfully navigate the ongoing challenges of life.

Family Grief Groups will begin November 2021. Each session is two hours per week and meets for six consecutive weeks. Teen groups are limited to 8 participants. At least one parent/caregiver is required in the concurrent and weekly caregiver group, but two adults are welcome.

Investment: $750. Please call 541.223.9955 or email us at to register. Groups are held at our Good Grief Cottage: 33 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend, OR 97703, next to Hawthorne Healing Arts Center.


Private Sessions for Individuals and Couples

We are here to support your journey into wellbeing. Please contact us if you are in need of individual or couples care. Currently, we are conducting sessions via the phone as well as in-person at the Good Grief Cottage. We offer a sliding scale for payment.


Weekly Grief Cafe*

*Please note: Public Community Gatherings are on hold.

Through sacred community, we heal the grief of the living. This gathering is held in a group setting in which we quietly witness those who feel called to share. Tea and treats are provided.

Our Weekly Grief Cafe is free to attend and open to the public. No registration required and no concurrent attendance in a Grief Group is necessary. Tuesdays from 6 - 8pm.


For More Information or Questions

For more information or questions, please call 541.223.9955 or email us at Offerings are held at our cottage: 33 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend, OR 97703, next to Hawthorne Healing Arts Center.

Providing Grief Guidance & Support in Central Oregon


Good Grief Guidance offers an innovative approach in providing grief guidance, healing, and support in a safe and healing environment. We utilize a peer-support model for groups of people from all walks of life.

Good Grief Guidance has formalized and expanded its role within the Central Oregon community with the mission to provide grief guidance, healing, and support for teens and adults in Central Oregon. While adding value to many lives through connection and collaboration, Good Grief also aids in decreasing the isolation of grief and loss.


Our Services and Programs

Good Grief Guidance Program

A truly unique curriculum consisting of sixteen, 2-hour sessions...

The Prison Project

We volunteer our program at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution...

Youth Programs

We've partnered with therapeutic schools in the Central Oregon...

Community Grief Support

We offer a variety of opportunities and support for dealing with grief...

Our Mission is Simple...

We empower the transformation of pain and loss into a thriving force of well-being. Since 2007, we have helped hundreds of grieving children, teens, and adults as they embark upon their journeys to hope and healing.

With a focus on behavioral health and recovery, we intend to increase our community outreach and provide a safe and supportive community that cultivates personal empowerment and well-being. 

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"I'm blown away by this program..."

"Thank you so much for Good Grief Guidance, and for the adventure of the past four months!! (Darlene) is such an angel in this world and such an inspiration. I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to do this work with you. It has been a deeply profound experience. I'm blown away by this program that you have put together from the soil of your own experience and honored to have been able to experience it."

- SB

"I absolutely loved Good Grief"

“I just want to say that I absolutely loved Good Grief and that it helped me a lot. I was slightly hesitant going into it, but after the first class or two, I began to love it so much. I learned so much about myself and life. All the activities were fun and it was really a great experience to have a close bond like that with the other boys and with Darlene. I’m still so happy that I went ahead with it and appreciative of Darlene for teaching it.”

- Conner, 16

"...Undoubtedly among the best trauma, grief, addictions and PTSD therapies there is..."

"Good Grief Guidance is undoubtedly among the best trauma, grief, addictions and PTSD therapies there is or that I have ever heard of or experienced. Darlene is a master. Good Grief Guidance deals with the source of your denial, hurt, pain and trauma. By identifying and releasing our unresolved, buried and denied trauma and pain, and by identifying the CORE of our pain, it gives us a chance to grieve the layers and layers of hurt that we harbor. Then healing begins."

- Gerald K., Behavioral Specialist Consultant, Addiction Counselor & Interventionist

"The reasons for not pursuing dreams has now dissolved into a great sea of possibilities"

"This course appears to have opened a door to something totally unexpected. I didn’t expect to feel more trusting, more in touch with my inner guides, more creative, or more energized and excited about the future. And yet, this is exactly what has happened. Many years ago I stopped creating art, even though it had once been a profound tool for transformation. Now suddenly I’ve returned to this previously abandoned source of delight and insight. The reasons for not pursuing dreams has now dissolved into a great sea of possibilities."

- Jonna C., Art Therapist, Drug and Alcohol Counselor

"What a rare gift Darlene offers to our community"

"What a rare gift Darlene offers to our community in holding the space so we can explore the many losses we all experience at some point in our lives. Whether you are looking at the loss of a loved one, a relationship or lost dreams and paths not taken, you will find compassionate guidance with Darlene.... I am grateful to have been a part of this transformative experience and so appreciative of the wonderful connections I have made with others in the class."


"A priceless program"

"Good Grief’s cutting edge use of experiential, primary processes, guided imagery, weaving, journaling, poetry and myth writing, and meditation makes it a priceless program and a miracle in process for all who are able to attend."

- Gerald K., Behavioral Specialist Consultant, Addiction Counselor & Interventionist

Grief: the Universal Issue We All Deal With

True healing of grief is a journey, but you don’t have to do it alone. Good Grief Guidance will help you create a healthy relationship with grief and restore your relationship with yourself, your well-being, and all significant people in your life.


Help Support Good Grief Guidance

We invite your support for our cause to alleviate the suffering of grief and loss. Your contributions, bequests, and gifts are tax-deductible and will go towards impacting the lives of many people.