Good Grief Guidance Program

A Truly Unique Program

  • The foundation is a peer support model 
  • Our approach is holistic
  • The focus is "Thriving in the Face of Suffering"

Good Grief Guidance is a
truly unique curriculum consisting of sixteen, 2-hour sessions. Every session emerges from a proven lesson plan, but always takes shape according to the group interactions with all that the individual participants bring to the circle. The beauty of the program comes from its peer-support model as guided by the facilitator.


"We never get over grief, but we can learn to live with great joy and purpose. We can thrive in the face of suffering as we learn how to create healthy relationships with our broken hearts and sacred wounds. Working and living in the arena of grief for many years, I have learned that our memories and experiences of grief can be blessed, transformed, healed and released. And rather than burdens that we carry for the rest of our lives, our losses become the gems and jewels that give us character, beauty, strength, and compassion.”
- Darlene Gertsch, Founder, Good Grief Guidance

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The Hero's Journey from Grief to Thriving

The unique curriculum of Good Grief Guidance is graphically represented as a map of the Hero’s Journey from Grief to Thriving. It’s an experiential journey that invites us to engage with primary processes that provide insightful healing and growth. The map is encircled by the Sacred Hoop of Life, which represents Mother Earth and the ever-changing cycles of life. 


The Inner Circle
The Inner Circle represents the 12 stages of the journey:
1. The Call to Adventure: Looking at your issues of grief and loss.

2. Separation from the Known World: Feeling the pain. 

3. The Gap Between Suffering and Thriving: Making memories.

4. Crossing the Threshold: Embracing the elephant. 

5. Integration: Ritual and ceremony.

6. Initiation: Rites of passage.

7. Challenges: Identifying the sacred wound. 

8. The Abyss: Anchoring the core belief.

9. Conflict: Identifying a counter myth.

10. Resolution: A new vision. 

11. Transformation: Creating your heroic journey.

12. Homecoming: Rite of passage celebration. 


The Outer Circle
The Outer Circle is the Hoop of Life that lightly holds and informs the individual journey as to the sacred nature of the work. 

: The light of awe and joy.

South: The darkness, suffering, surrender.

East: Creativity and imagination.

West: Transformation and celebration.

About This Program

The First Half of the Program
The first 8 sessions uncover our intertwined issues of grief and loss. We discover and work with the sources, physical expression, emotions and effects of the many stages of these powerful forces. 
While talking about grief and loss is essential, the class uses journaling, art, music, crafts and film to uncover the deepest memories, feelings, and history of each person’s unique, yet shared experience.

Acknowledging memories and embracing the healing of our grief and losses, participants weave shattered dreams and broken hearts into well-being and renewed wholeness. We create new patterns that move us from weakness, vulnerability, depression and anger to strength, empowerment, and personal growth. The first 8 weeks prepare us for the deeper work of personal mythology.

The Second Half of the Program
The next 8 sessions are devoted to creating our own personal mythology as taught by Joseph Campbell. Through discussions and guided meditations, we challenge the deeply-held, mostly unconscious beliefs, self-defeating behaviors and habits that are hindering our lives, and we discover their origins. Often referred to as “the sacred wounds”, these core beliefs receive our full attention as we create our own personal mythologies. As we invite new insight into our beliefs, we realize how they have shaped and moved our lives to this point in time.

Our personal myths are shared at a final gathering, our Rite of Passage Celebration, which honors every individual who courageously answers the “Call to Adventure”, and continues their journey to personal power and well-being.

"Thank you so much for Good Grief Guidance, and for the adventure of the past four months!! I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to do this work with you. It has been a deeply profound experience." - S.B.










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