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Spring 2018  Updates

We have shared in the best of humanity together this year! What a blessing to get to show up in the truth of who we are, and to be loved up with such tenderness and compassion by each other as we continue our dance with the pain of living. It is an honor to get to both witness and participate in this authentic and delightful communion of vulnerability with you!

This week we celebrated the midway point between spring and summer, and how much movement is underway in our world, our personal lives, and within the soul itself. We give great thanks for the gift of grief‘s movement in our lives…honoring the love which gave rise to the pain and loss…so that we may continue to release what was, open to what is, and more fully sing ourselves into being through one another. This is an act of gratitude…this is praise for grief…this is grief‘s song! 

We have been continuously reminded this year to take great care of ourselves in body, mind and spirit in order to be able to keep singing the Good in Grief! Darlene and I are thrilled to be attending special family events at the end of May. However, in taking care of ourselves by tending to our families, we will be closing Peacock Cottage May 24 – June 3. We look forward to sharing our new stories of living and loving with you upon our return.

With summer fast approaching and Central Oregonians soon to begin their annual outdoor adventuring, Good Grief has decided to move to a revised summer schedule. In order to best hold the community through this sunny and active season, we will have our Tuesday community gatherings twice monthly from June through August, and Friday walk-ins will be on pause until September. See schedule below.

During our summer hours, please know that Darlene and I are always available to provide individual care. Whether it’s through emails or personal one-on-ones, we are here to hold you in love while you continue to move your grief and into living the love of who you are. 



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